Red Wattle Delivery/Transport

Red Wattle Delivery/Transport

Postby Phillip » Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:27 am

Over the past few days I've delivered a boar to Jenifer Kraus in Hays, KS and transported a boar to Theresa Schieffelbein in Wykoff, MN (I've also delivered to Nebraska, Illinois, a different location in Minnesota - as well as across Iowa). It went well, was so nice to meet both Jenifer and Theresa, and to get a look at their Red Wattles. In any case, I thought I'd put it out there for everyone in this forum to know that I can, on occasion, offer my services for Red Wattle transport. I know that's an issue for some folks - the time away and rounding up vehicles, etc. I don't want to be gone all the time. I have a family and a farm of my own. But if I can offer a needed service and make a little money doing it then I would be happy to deliver occasionally.

I'm located in western Iowa - near Ida Grove. I've had Red Wattles for maybe 2 years now and presently have 6 sows and 3 boars. I have a F250 truck and a pretty large and handy homemade crate that fits well in the back of the truck. It works very well for some animals. Otherwise, I have a 16 ft. bumper hitch livestock trailer.

I'm going to start out charging $1.00/mile from my front door and back. Hope that's reasonable. Anyway, keep me in mind. Hope I can help.

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