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Yay, joined and registered

Postby hatefulmechanic » Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:01 pm

Name's Joe from VA, I have spent most of my life on varying kinds of farms (started with hogs when I was 7, did goats and sheep, spent my entire high school life in FFA doing varying events and judging competitions) and recently purchased some RW breedstock to put a long-neglected farm back into operation.

I own and operate an auto/truck repair shop in SW VA, near Roanoke, and my partner in land deals has been in the beef industry for about 65 years now. He has this habit of buying up family farms when they go to auction after someone passes away, removes the subdivisions the greedy kids typically do, and places them into conservation easements so they can remain as large tracts, sufficient for wildlife or farming operations. Most of them are leased out to a few beef farmers, one of whom specializes in grass fed beef, and I have helped with some of the farm reconstructions over the last few years. Yeah, it is about the money if you look at it as a large picture, but the way they are done is great (IMO) to keep farming alive and kicking for future generations. Most tracts are timbered and cleared of the mature timber, remaining areas that are growing timber are left alone and thinned to allow them to mature correctly, while the rest is turned into pasture. All farms are set up with water sources that are clean and out of the streams and creeks (most are done with pressurized or gravity feed with storage tanks), and the ensuing tax credits are highly beneficial as well.

The farm for the hogs is being cleared now, I have to get my ass out and build a few miles of fence on it before turning the RW's loose (two sows gestating now, one boar) but should have them out to pasture in a month or so. They are fairly happy now in the half ac behind my shop, enjoying the mud and food.
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Re: Yay, joined and registered

Postby TSchieffelbein » Thu Jul 25, 2013 5:58 pm

Welcome to the group Joe! We are all here to help you, learn from you and share experiences. Red Wattles are great hogs and we all love to share what we know.
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