Minutes of the 2009 Annual Meeting

Minutes of the 2009 Annual Meeting

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Minutes of the 2009 Annual Meeting of the Red Wattle Hog Association

The meeting was held at the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy conference in Raleigh, North Carolina November 14, 2009.

Roll was taken with the following individuals present:

Nathan Melson, member
Josh Wendland, President
Brian Jordan, Vice President
Dot Jordan, Secretary Treasurer
Anneke Jakes, representing ALBC
Marjorie Bender, representing ALBC
Eve Lyle, member
Jim Lyle, member
Wendy Parker, member
Jim Parker, member
Andy Maglione, member
Marilou Maglione, member
Mike Slaton, non-member, guest

The meeting was called to order by president, Josh Wendland. Minutes of the 2008 Annual meeting were read by Dot Jordan, Secretary/Treasurer. Nathan Melson moved that minutes be accepted as read. Wendy Parker seconded.
Dot Jordan, read the Treasurer's Report and called for questions. No questions were voiced. Nathan Melson motioned that the Treasurer's Report be accepted as read. Marilou Maglione seconded.

Marjorie Bender spoke about grants the ALBC has applied for to improve breed selection for the heritage hog breeds. The grants will support:
DNA sampling to identify bloodlines and DNA clusters
Creating husbandry workshops
Marketing material

Dot Jordan asked about the possibility of training people regionally to give seminars on breed selection. Marjorie indicated a "Webinar" may be the answer rather than training individuals.

The RW Breed Standard was discussed next with several member voicing some confusion on what constituted a breeding quality RW. Marjorie suggested the RWHA create a breed guidline showing in pictures and words what to look for and why. General agreement was to create a poster or webpage on redwattle.org for this purpose. It was suggested that the following people be asked to work on this project:
Jesse Adams
Nathan Melson
Josh Wendland
Clyde Grover
Bud Nichol

Discussion followed about how to preserve the knowledge of our oldest breeders before they are gone. Marjorie suggested audio/video interviews with these breeders be created. No decision was made as to who would followup on this project.

Dot Jordan brought up the subject of RWHA T-shirts or caps per the request of Clyde Grover, who could not be present at the meeting. After some discussion it was decided the cost of t-shirts & caps would be explored by Dot Jordan who would report back to the Board of Directors. A possible marketing slogan was suggested: "Support your pork with your fork!"

Dot asked if anyone would be interested in an electronic version of a promotional brochure which would allow breeders to personalize the contact information. General discussion was positive. Dot will create the brochure and make it available to the membership via email.

Discussion followed regarding the RWHA Newsletter. Dot indicated she would like more articles submitted by the memberhship. It was suggest that a "Question of the Season" be a regular feature with Josh Wendland fielding the questions. Nathan Melson volunteered to do some articles. Wendy Parker suggested a "Breeders Spotlight". Dot asked Wendy to do a bio on her farm to submit for the next newsletter by December 1, 2009. Wendy agreed.

Discussion followed about created a list of pork producers as opposed to a list of breeders. Josh and Marjori indicated that work has been done to create a "Meat Map". Brian indicated he had started compiling a map of all the Red Wattle breeders. Discussion followed of how to link up members with breeding stock, feeder pigs and meat with people looking for the same. Regional supply and demand was also discussed with networking among growers to ship meat to areas with high demand suggested. No action was taken at this time.

Next Annake Jakes of the ALBC counted the ballots submitted by members via mail for the position of President of the association. Brian Jordan was elected president to serve a three year term. This affectively vacated the position of VP. Nominations were called for from the floor with Nathan Melson nominated by Jim Parker. Brian Jordan seconded. No further nomination were offered. Nathan Melson will serve a one year term.

Dot asked if it was possible for her to resign from the Board of Directors, but remain as the Secretary/ Treasurer. Marjorie Bender suggested the board talk with Chuck of the ALBC about the possibilities. This matter was tabled at this time.

Nathan Melson moved that we create the position of Technical Director and that this position be filled by Josh Wendland. Dot Parker seconded. Those present voted unnanimously to create this position with Josh Wendland to serve in this capacity.

Nathan Melson moved that the meeting be adjourned. Dot Jordan seconded.
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