Alternative Foods?

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Alternative Foods?

Postby redwattlehogsdotcom » Mon Apr 27, 2009 5:54 am

I feed my hogs a lot of different things. From hickory nuts to corn (on the stock) to mangels. This year I am planting several acres in mangels and several in field corn. They seem to love the mangels (so do the cows.)

What do you feed besides just bag food? How is it working?

O.K., post away.....

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Re: Alternative Foods?

Postby farmmamma » Fri May 01, 2009 9:22 pm

Oh golly.

we feed ours all sorts of fun things.. currently they are getting a couple of gallons a day of fresh whole milk from a friend's Jersey cow.. The pigs wish they had MORE of that milk every day, but they have to make due with what is offered to them.

We also fed them alfalfa haylage for much of the winter. It was bought for the cows, but since the hogs share the field with the cows, they quickly discovered the free food bar (hay bale) and took quite a liking to it. We plan to feed them that again this winter.

We have also hauled tons and tons of pumpkins to them from last years local pumpkin patch. This year we are planting our own pumpkins. Also planted about 40 fruit trees and all last fall I drove around with empty feed bags in my car. Whenever I found a roadside tree with windfalls under it I would stop and pick them up. My kids hate me for that.. embarrassing you know.. lol..

Right now they are grazing the fresh spring grass and clover in the pasture. There is alot of it, so they are pretty happy hogs.

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