Pork Cut-out and Yield

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Pork Cut-out and Yield

Postby jmyers » Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:47 am

Would like to know what you folks are getting on cut-out percentages for RWs. Also, what would you expect to get in sausage when grinding the whole hog. What percent of live weight are you getting for hanging weight. I find a lot of info out there but nothing specific to RWs. I have seen it for Tamworths in one place. Would like to show the public a difference if there is one. Mybe it's there and I haven't found it yet. Here is some stuff I have found.
Amongst the sites I’ve looked at, hanging weight is given as anywhere from 64-85% of live weight and cuts given as 68-90% of hanging weight. That’s a lot of numbers and quite a range. For my goal of 300 pound pigs, these numbers give a hanging weight of 192-255 and the cuts weighing in at 130-230. This would make the cuts 43-76% of the live weight. But 76% is way too high there. Most sites quote cuts as 48-65% of live weight. Besides, I’d like to give my customers a bit more certainty on what they’re getting for their 300 pound pig.
Most sites quote cuts as 48-65% of live weight.
Here are some examples I found of what you might get from a whole pig:
■18 lbs pork chops, 4 lbs spare ribs, 12 lbs sausage, 24 lbs ham, 20 lbs bacon, 12 lbs shoulder butt roasts, 14 lbs shoulder picnic, 16 lbs bone/trimmings, 30 lbs fat = 150 lbs
■7 lbs pork chops, 8 lbs sausage, 24 lbs ham, 20 lbs bacon, 17 lbs pork roast, 16 lbs picnic and shoulder butts, 7 lbs misc cuts, 5 lbs salt pork, 31 lbs fat = 135 lbs
■23 lbs pork chops, 6 lbs spare ribs, 18 lbs ground sausage, 30 lbs ham, 16 lbs bacon, 20 lbs shoulder roast, 8 lbs butt roast, 10 lbs stew bones, 16 lbs fat = 147 lbs
■23 lbs pork chops, 6 lbs spare ribs, 9 lbs sausage, 28 lbs ham, 23 lbs bacon, 9 lbs boston butt, 12 lbs picnic roast, 23 lbs fat = 133 lbs
Walter says hanging weight is about 72% of live weight and the commercial cuts 66% of hanging weight or 48% of live weight.
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Re: Pork Cut-out and Yield

Postby TSchieffelbein » Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:58 am

I have been getting between 72 and 73% dress out. I have just started taking the package weight and have yet to do a Red Wattle whole sausage so I can't help you out much there. I do get great fat feathering in the rib, 1" or very close to it in back fat and a great loin.
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Re: Pork Cut-out and Yield

Postby redwattles » Mon Apr 15, 2013 2:33 pm

Jim, that would be a hard question to answer with certainty. Bone-in chops? Thickness? If not then that bone is considered waste. Neck bones? heart, liver, head? ..... The usable yield can vary greatly depending on what the producer wants, and on the processor. It would be difficult to almost guarantee a buyer a specific amount of pork and cuts depending on the weight of the hog. You can get close and its a great idea. I can tell you that most producers sell either by individual packages, or they sell by whole or half hog and let the buyer decide how they want the cuts. Many producers do both. Then also throw in the variable of how the hog was feed and exercised, and the age of the hog because it effects the fat and marbeling too. Nothing is going to be exact.
The Board of Directors is currently working on a pork production guide to help everyone. We're hoping to give guidelines taking a producer from birth all the way to the plate, with feed, weights, processing, marketing and more in-between.
Thanks for sharing your info from researching and please continue. We all want the same thing. Learn and share.
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