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Help the Newbies

PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:40 am
by MikeO
I would like to say how nice it was recently to get a series of e-mail's from all the great RW folks. The subject was "Help the Newbies'. I was curious if there was a way to post that in some way like a thread or just a post in the newbie area. I'm sure there are more than just I that learned some good tips from that and it would be nice to have here for the future newbies. I have to admit I do not visit this as much as maybe I should, but those emails seem to be very effective at getting people to come together for the cause. It might be nice every so often to light a new spark under the members, with another e-mail thread, and remind them this is here and a good source of info. Thanks to all -
Mike Ohlhausen