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Pedigree for a hypothetical mating

PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2008 6:33 pm
by dmeyer
I've just added a new feature to Pedigree Analysis: you can now view a Pedigree for a hypothetical mating you are analyzing.

Go to the Pedigree Analysis page from the Members Home page (you must be logged in to the Members Area.) Then type the registration numbers for the Sire and Dam for the hypothetical mating you want to look at and click the Go button right of the Sire/Dam boxes. This should bring up the analysis summary for the hypothetical mating. Below the summary table you should see a little blue 'P' button and the text 'View Pedigree' to its right. Click that button or text link to bring up the pedigree for the hypothetical mating. Or right-click the link and select 'Open in new window' to bring up the pedigree in a new browser window (if your browser supports this.)

I hope you find this useful. :)