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New COI features

Postby dmeyer » Sat Nov 29, 2008 10:39 pm

I've made some enhancements to the Members Area pages to show the COI in more places. Here's a summary of the additions:

Animal Search Results page: Click the "Animal Search" link in the Members Area to bring up the Animal Search Results page. By default, the COI will now be shown at the right of the table. If the COI has been calculated and stored for the animal, it will display a number. If the COI has not yet been calculated for the animal (such as for an animal that was just added to the database) then the COI will be blank. Click the "COI" link in the table header to sort by COI (low to high down the page) then click the COI link again to re-sort the other direction. That will show you the animal with the highest COI at the top. You can use the "Customize Search Results" link at the upper left of the page to enable some additional fields from the COI calculation: COI Date (the date the COI was calculated and stored), COI Ancestors (number of ancestors in the pedigree that was used for the COI calculation), and COI Generations (number of partial generations in the pedigree used for COI calculation.)

Animal Information page: Click the little blue i button at the left of the Animal Search Results to bring up the Animal Information page for an animal. There is now a new table of COI Info that lists the results of the latest COI calculation. The same fields described above are shown here. If no COI has been stored yet, the info will be blank. There is a button ([Calc] or [Recalc]) that will let you calculate and update the stored COI record.

Note: Since the COI calculation for an animal can be affected by animals anywhere in its pedigree, the COI can become "stale" (i.e., out of date and possibly incorrect) when new animals are added to the database that are in its pedigree. The COI calculation takes enough processing time that it is not feasible to recalculate COI for all animals each time a new animal is added, or an existing animal is edited (possibly changing sire/dam). So instead I have a script that I can run manually (weekly for example) to iterate through the db and update the COI of every animal. If you suspect that the COI of a particular animal might be "stale" due to changes in its pedigree, you can use the [Recalc] button mentioned above to update it.
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