Organic, Soy Free & Pasture Raised Red Wattle Pork!

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Organic, Soy Free & Pasture Raised Red Wattle Pork!

Postby ArcadianAcres » Thu Oct 04, 2012 4:08 pm

Available now is Arcadian Acres Red Wattle Pork. This is no ordinary pork; on top of the unprecedented deliciousness that is Red Wattle Pork, we raise our barrows and gilts on 100% organic pasture and woods, supplementing their diets with a small ration of certified organic soy free feed from Countryside Organics, as well as local organic produce and whey. The pastures have been converted to pig paradises with an abundance of grasses, legumes, and various "weeds" that provide a wide variety of vegetation. Aside from the lush pastures, the pigs spend most of their time in the wooded lots that consist entirely of oak, hickory, beech, walnut, paw paw, and sassafras trees; giving them an smorgasbord of delicious fruits and nuts to finish on.

For what it is worth, I come from a high end culinary background, with a Le Cordon Bleu culinary degree. Having worked and eaten at several of the worlds top restaurants and resorts, I can honestly say that no pork experience, and many culinarily in general, can compare to a perfectly prepared dish featuring properly raised Red Wattle Pork. Period.

After the hogs have reached their market weights (usually 10 months or so), we take them to one of the last places in Ohio that stuns before bleeding out, leaving the carcass uncontaminated and allowing total utilization (pork is more than chops and bacon!). They are also one of the last places in Ohio to scald and scrape, allowing for all that wonderful fat and skin to be utilized for lard, cracklins, and pork rinds (A forgotten treat)! We encourage whole animal consumption from our consumers as it gives you a better cost per pound, as well as honors and appreciates the entirety that was this fantastic animal. The bones for stocks and soups, organs and what I call oddities (tail, ear, hoofs, snout, etc) get ground into raw dog foods, or even eaten in ethnically accurate cuisines. Nothing goes to waste!

We provide you, the public, with an opportunity to enjoy this fine product by purchasing directly from us or on special occasion at certain restaurants in and around that dare to feature this specialty. If you're wanting to stop by a restaurant, contact us for a list of who's been buying and featuring them lately. If you want to purchase it to enjoy in your own home, we offer individual cuts as well as selling half and whole hogs by hanging weight. This means you still pay the butcher to cut it up the way you want, which adds a varying cost depending on how much is ground, smoked, etc.

Organic Soy-Free Pasture Raised Red Wattle Pork:
Cuts- $7.75/lbs
Oddities- $4.75/lbs
Fat/Skin/Bones- $2.75/lbs

Half/Whole- $4.75/lbs hanging weight

We also sell breeders and feeders for you to raise yourselves! Check out their listing on the "For Sale" page on the forum.

Dont delay, call or email today to get yourself some of, if not the best pork you'll ever enjoy in your life! or 614-378-2041
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