Q & A with RWHA President Josh Wendland

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Q & A with RWHA President Josh Wendland

Postby earlyriser62 » Fri Mar 13, 2009 7:26 am

Q.Would you recommend RW’s for a first time hog owner?
Absolutely, they are a very hardy and docile breed, which makes them a good teacher to new owners, but don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Q. Since RW’s are so big, are standard hog housing units big enough for them? If not how much space does a full grown RW need?
While RW’s are a large breed they work well in normal huts or outdoor housings. The space my be tight as they mature. 5-6 year old sows can be rather large so some consideration and planning may be needed.

Q. What is the best fencing to use for hogs?
A. A good sturdy fence is essential for hogs. A good hot wire for a trained hog also works well. A combination of hog panels work well as does netting stretched tight and maintained often.

Q. I own a RW that is not registered with ALBC/RWHA. Can I get my hogs registered?
Yes. The RWHA has a recovery program in place for this situation. For each animal you would need to send in front, back, right and left side pictures of the animal along with any documentation regarding their history/origin. Based on the information provided, the RWHA Board will make a decision regarding registration. Animals that meet all requirements are then issued a recovery registration number by the ALBC Pedigree Registry. *Note this is not a rescue program*

If you have questions or need help please email:
or call: 812*521*1063
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Re: Q & A with RWHA President Josh Wendland

Postby dcampbel » Sat Feb 18, 2012 4:56 pm


Is there a written standard for the Red Wattle Pig? I will be purchasing a farm in Maine, soon, and we plan to raise registered pigs, so a written standard would be good. I know that other species have detailed standards, so am wondering if pigs are the same.

Thanks in advance.

Dorothy Campbell

P.S. I am confused by this new web-site. I see somewhere that it says that one has to join for $25, and then in another place it says to join and asks for no money. I have joined for free, and seem to have access to all of the benefits of the site. Are there more benefits to be gotten if I pay $25? Thanks for any clarification.
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Re: Q & A with RWHA President Josh Wendland

Postby earlyriser62 » Sun Feb 19, 2012 7:42 pm


I'll try to answer your basic questions:

1. You can join redwattleproject.org the site for free. However, to register RW's you will need to be a member of the Red Wattle Hog Association. $25 is the annul membership fee for a single person or you can purchase a farm/family membership for $40.

2. You can request a copy of the breed standard a selection guidelines from Kathy Bottorf. You will find her name in the RWP members list. She is the secretary for the association.

Hope this helps,

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