Red Wattle Hog Association, Meeting of the Board of Director

Red Wattle Hog Association, Meeting of the Board of Director

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Red Wattle Hog Association, Meeting of the Board of Directors via conference call January 8, 2009

Meeting was called to order by the conference coordinator, Brian Jordan, V.P.
The reading of the agenda followed with a call for any other items to be added at this time.
Dot Jordan, Sec/Treas, reported on the “Win A Pig” contest and asked d if any other board members would be able to donate a pig. Clyde indicated he may have a pig available, Josh & Brian indicated they would be willing to donate. Jesse indicated he would not have piglets ready in the right time frame for the contest. Clyde suggested that the winner be encouraged to enter their hog in the “carcass contest” if their county fair has one.
Next on the agenda was a website update. Dot and Brian updated the board on Marian Van Beever’s resignation and issues surrounding the future for a RWHA official website. Dot will type out points of discussion from ALBC, Paul Bradshaw, the programmer- Doug Meyer and the board. These points of discussion will be circulated to the board for further input.
Amendments to the RWHA bylaws were discussed. It was agreed that Dot will send out a copy of the amended bylaws to all board members for their consideration.
The Board then moved on to discussion of the Breed Standard. Brian updated the board on his progress in finding historical information about Red Wattles. Clyde indicated he has some historical material that he will forward to Brian for his research. Discussion followed about what a breed standard should be. General agreement was that the breed standard should describe the ideal hog and should serve as a guideline/goal for breeders. Clyde interjected that the standard should include something about muscling and good straight legs. Discussion followed about color with consensus being any shade of red is acceptable with dark red preferred, and 2 well attached wattles. Each board member agreed to submit a draft of the breed standard. These drafts will be combined and put before board at the next meeting.
Discussion of bloodlines and inbreeding followed. Josh indicated he is currently reading about how to run bloodlines and documentation. Josh will provide the name of the book to each of the board members. Further discussion will take place at a later date.
Discussion of carcass qualities followed. Clyde and Jesse indicated their animals showed little back fat and that their original stock had virtually no back fat with Josh indicating he saw more back fat on his hogs. All had good marbling.
Finally the recovery program was discussed. The board agreed that anyone applying to the recovery program would need to provide the following: 4 pictures (front, back and both sides), all known information regarding the hog. The information will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and voted upon. Jesse asked if temporary papers could be given for the recovery animal until its offspring proves true to Red Wattle characteristics, he suggested this would be a good idea. Josh pointed out that all recovery animal registration numbers are now followed with an “R” and a number indicating generation from recovery. Josh suggested that a clause addressing the recovery program be added to the bylaws.
Clyde motioned that the meeting be adjourned, Dot seconded. The conference call was disconnected at this time.
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