RWHA Board of Directors Meeting 6/24/2010

RWHA Board of Directors Meeting 6/24/2010

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Minutes of the RWHA Board of Directors meeting June 24, 2010
The meeting via teleconference was called to order by the president, Brian Jordan. Minutes of the last Board of Directors meeting were read. Nathan moved they be approved as read. Dot seconded.
Old business:
The proposed amendments to the bylaws were approved unanimously. The bylaws will now be circulated to the membership for a confirming vote.
Discussion on the creation of a "New Breeder's Guide to Red Wattle Hogs" was tabled at this time.
Discussion followed regarding T-shirts and other promotional items for the RWHA. It was agreed unanimously that Dot will create an account with for this purpose.
New business:
Dot requested the RWHA's bank of record be moved from Clay City, KS to Nashville, IN for ease of making deposits. The board approved the change of banks.
The site agreement with Paul Bradshaw the original creator of the site followed. The RWHA's agreement to purchase the site was discussed. It was agreed that the RWHA does not have the funds to repay Mr. Bradshaw for his investment as per the original agreement. The Board approved a value for value agreement giving the RWHA control of the site and granting Mr. Bradshaw compensation in advertising and membership dues.
Discussion followed regarding a member's request to be granted a lifetime membership to the RWHA for his personal contribution to the recovery of the Red Wattles. It was the board's unanimous decision that it would not be in the RWHA's best interest at this time to grant such a membership. Discussion followed regarding how to recognize those who have made substantial contributions to the breed. Nathan suggested a "Lifetime Achievement Award". The board agreed that this would be a good idea. Further discussion of what this award will consist of will take place during the next board meeting in August.
Brian announced that the RWHA Annual meeting will return to the Small Farm Conference in Columbia, MO. November 4-6. The meeting will be held at 5 pm on the 6th.
This concluded business. Brian asked for a motion that the meeting be adjourned. Dot so moved. Nathan seconded. The meeting was adjourned.
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