RWHA Board of Directors meeting December 10

RWHA Board of Directors meeting December 10

Postby earlyriser62 » Thu Dec 17, 2009 8:12 am

Minutes of the RWHA Board of Directors meeting held via teleconference December 10, 2009

Those present via phone: Clyde Grover, Jesse Adams, Brian Jordan, Nathan Melson, Dot Jordan.
Meeting was called to order by Brian Jordan, president. Dot read the minutes of the last meeting. Nathan Melson moved to accept the minutes as read. Clyde Grover seconded.
Discussion followed regarding bringing the RWHA bylaws up to date with our practices.
Banner advertising on the website was then discussed. It was agreed that advertising on the website would be offered to advertise farms only - no products e.g. fertilizers, wormers, buildings. The opportunity to advertise will be offered to RWHA members at a rate of $30/yr with $5 of that price going to Doug Meyers, the webmaster, to cover his time. None members will be able to advertise their farms at a rate of $50/yr. Jesse moved to accept the advertising plan and Clyde seconded. Dot will follow up with information to all RWHA members.
The RW Recovery and Breed Up programs were next on the agenda. Discussion followed regarding a cut off date for these programs. Nathan moved that this issue be tabled until Brian can discuss with Marjorie Bender of the ALBC the proper way to close the Red Wattle Herd book. Dot seconded the motion.
The Board moved on to new business, with discussion of the roll of the newly created position of Technical Advisor. It was suggested that the Technical advisor create a new breeders handbook, field new hog owners questions and contribute to the forum/newsletter. Discussion was tabled pending Nathan following up on this with Josh Wendland, the current Technical Advisor, regarding what his roll will encompass.
The need for a breeder/seller signature line on the current registration application was discussed. It was agreed unanimously that a signature line would be added as soon as possible.
The ALBC's project to define heritage pork was then discussed. Nathan agreed to talk with Marjorie Bender, ALBC, regarding combining marketing efforts with other heritage breed organizations. He will report back at the next RWHA Board of Directors meeting. The board agreed that each board member should write up a short definition of heritage pork by January 15, 2010. These will be submitted to the ALBC.
It was then agreed that the Board will meet again in late January, 2010 via teleconference.
Clyde moved to adjourn the meeting at this time. Nathan seconded.
The meeting was adjourned.
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Re: RWHA Board of Directors meeting December 10

Postby maverik » Mon Jan 18, 2010 1:51 pm

Was hoping to see some follow-up on items discussed at RWHA November telemeeting but don't see any....
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Re: RWHA Board of Directors meeting December 10

Postby earlyriser62 » Sat Jan 23, 2010 9:34 pm

The board is working on both the items brought up in the November Annual meeting and in our last telemeeting. As items are completed announcements will be posted both here and sent out as an email or announced in the newsletter.

Please keep reading and letting us know your thoughts and concerns.

Dot Parker Jordan
RWHA Sec/Treas.
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