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Boar Piglet For Sale- Last from Abe Lincoln #3457-R2

PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 10:58 am
by ArcadianAcres
Last opportunity to get some of these excellent genetics from the now deceased Abe Lincoln #3457-R2.

Recently Abe met with an accident and broke his back, having to be put down well before his time. He was an excellent boar. The best I can imagine having. Huge, 16 teats, most calm docile and easy to handle temperament one could hope for, good solid breeder having just sired a litter of 15 a week before his accident, always good healthy piglets, huge shoulders and a nice long loin... I can only hope my next boar (still looking if you have or know someone) can live up to his predecessors legacy.

Marge Bouvier #3233, is my best sow. By far the biggest, best personality, 14 teats, consistent big litters of healthy piglets (the recent 15 were out of her), she's a wonderful mother, easy to lead and handle, and a great forager.

It is about time to wean Marge's litter, from which I was able to save one last boar piglet. He is large, friendly and inquisitive, 14 teats, well proportioned, good ear set, good on his legs. As with all my animals, he is raised on certified organic soy free feed, drinks from either a trough or a metal pig nipple, and has had exposure to electric. He will be 8 weeks June 9 and ready to go anytime.

I ask $400 for my breeders.

Please contact me if interested at 614-378-2041

Thank you for your interest!