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Michigan DNR ISO

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 11:40 pm
by MikeO
Boy, I kinda hate to bring this up, but... There is SO much (mis)? information floating around on the 'net about it all; from both camps. I have read the entire ISO and declatory ruling (the pig parts), watched all the videos and read all the blogs. I certainly can see that the DNR's description and 'scientific' names are all written extremely poorly. Well, unless it was on purpose. I would like to hear if anyone has had their RW's cleared by the DNR specifically. That would ease my mind; a little. I have heard Mangalitsas (100%) were verbally cleared, eventhough the written description still condemns them. If it is ok if they are stripped, is it then ok for RW's? I have a small litter and one of those piglets is a poster piglet for their descriptions. I realize I am in Texas, but this could spread, seeing as who is backing it... It makes one very uneasy when politicians tell you not to worry about what the law says... and - that's not what we really mean... just ignore that part, you're ok... Please give your real experience here, I would like to know what is happening to our RW folks there. Thanks

crossed hogs

PostPosted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:14 am
by bluhorseman
I crossed my reg. Red Wattle Boar with some reg. Spots sows i had just to see what i would get , 1st sow had 26 babys ( 7 gilts and 19 boars ) 2nd sow had 21 babys
(7 gilts and 14 boars) we had to bottle feed 18 babys by hand ( way to many babys) as the babys got older none of them had the red wattle temperament . we raised them til they are about 250lbs to 400 plus lbs which we only had to what 5 months . this was not a good mix , the meat was pale and lost about half its tast from the pure breds . and 4x the lard .