Heart Murmurs?

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Heart Murmurs?

Postby farmmamma » Tue May 12, 2009 9:31 am

It seems to me that some time ago, someone on some yahoo list mentioned Red Wattles and heart murmurs. Does anyone know who that was? or where they found the information? or even what the information was?

I'm trying to put together a mental (and perhaps even on paper) list of "things that can be wrong" with pigs, particularly those things that might be genetic and passed on into the general population. It seems that so many breeds of animals (across all species) have some specific problems that are often indemic (is that the right word?) to a specific gene pool (or breed), I am just curious if Red Wattles have something like that that we need to be careful of, especially since the gene pool is so small.. I want to be educated and informed so we can make good decisions that will strengthen the breed.

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