Aborted pigs.

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Aborted pigs.

Postby barbara01 » Mon Oct 21, 2013 8:38 am

We lost two litters this fall. Both sows were about 2 weeks out from their due dates. Suspect may have something to do with moldy hay that was in their area. Any ideas? Both are healthy sows. Full sister to one delivered right on time and had 14 piglets. All have had nice healthy litters in the past. We used the same boar as always and he is very healthy too. this is really a tough blow but I know these things can happene. Just want to know why so we can make changes. As a precaution we will never let them around bad hay again.
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Re: Aborted pigs.

Postby redwattles » Thu Oct 24, 2013 7:15 am

Barbara, first let me say I'm sorry this happened to you. It's always heartbreaking, and its hard on finances and future plans that have to be changed now. Moldy hay does sound like it could be a problem. Sometimes we just never know unless vets are called in and autopsies are done. That can get very expensive and you still may not have an answer. Because of the large commercial hog operations now and the widespread use of antibiotics, most vets don't know alot about hogs. I would recommend contacting a state university agricultural department and asking them questions. They are always very helpful. You can also put your information on the official Red Wattle Hog Association facebook. There are lots of people there with different experiences and degrees of knowledge and maybe they can help shed some light. The easiest way to find the facebook is to go to any facebook and type in Red Wattle Hog Association. It should bring it right up for you and it will tell you its the official RWHA site. You'd be most welcome to join in.
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