Red Wattles and cross breeding

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Red Wattles and cross breeding

Postby farmmamma » Sat Aug 21, 2010 2:51 pm

Not sure if this topic is in the right catagory or not but since it does deal with breeding I thought I'd post it here (feel free to move it if it should be in general discussions) .

Basically I am wondering what other people's thoughts are on the practice of crossbreeding as it relates to Red Wattle hogs.

We have had many many folks approach us about buying a boar piglet or in some cases a gilt piglet with the intent to use them in a cross breeding commercial hog set up. While I do understand some of the advantages to using crossbreds in a commercial opperation, I have found myself very reluctant to knowingly sell one of our purebred Red Wattles into such a situation. I have hesitations from the viewpoint of keeping the breed clean in general , but I always worry about some marketing pitfalls that may arrise for those of us that keep their herds as purebreds if there are alot of Red Wattle crossbreds out and about.

Anyway, I'd welcome other peoples notions on the concept and I think it is a topic that warrents some discussion as we are the keepers of this very small and very special breed.
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Re: Red Wattles and cross breeding

Postby Goat lady » Sun Oct 13, 2013 8:05 pm

I purchased a non register able boar several years ago for use on Yorkshire and Poland China's. The results were impressive and produced pork with fabulous flavor. Crossbreeding is a good way to win friends and supporters for the breed.
I grew up on a large hog farm in Iowa with reg Berkshire Yorkshires DurocsHampshires and Farmers Hybrids. We had up to 120 sows on continuous farrowing.
Cross breeding could be a valuable tool to keep this breed alive!
Goat lady
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