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Wisconsin RW Fan

Postby barbara01 » Thu Sep 20, 2012 5:37 am

Hello from the Little BIG PIG Farm of Darlington WI. We are just beginning to get into RW's and our big girl is due for litter number 3 in a few weeks. We also have 2 of her daughters due at the same time. Exciting! We hope to sell most of the piggies as feeders but would like to sell some as breeding stock if any one is interested. The pedigrees can be seen online if you look up my name, Kirsten Pollock, under the breeder column. The boar we used is Whispering Willows Rufus. This will be our 2nd time using him with our sow. Beautiful babies!
Here at LBPF we have a large assortment of critters. Our philosophy is "Take to best care of them while they are in your care". A lot of people say "How can you eat them?" I tell them because that is what they are raised for. You can't help save a breed if it doesn't have a purpose. Can you imagine a demand for giant RW's just as pets? Where do they think food comes from?!
And speaking of eating, WOW!!! We read and heard all about the quality of the meat---total UNDERSTATEMENTS! Best darned meat we've ever had on our plates. Never thought I'd be raising pigs. I grew up across the road from the nastiest hog farm and swore I would never, ever, ever have even 1 pig. I am eating those words at least 3 times a week! Pasture pigs don't stink. Red Wattles are the sweetest critters ever and they are beautiful. Ya just never know!
So, adventure is what we are all about and the Red Wattle farming is it! Good luck to all you other RW people. We are doing a good thing. KP
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